Founder type overview

All 13 founder types in one view. Everyone with their potentials and challenges.

Start test


I am a leader!

Reinforcing Producer

You bring out the best in everyone.

Enabling Director

You're in the driver's seat.

Activating Designer

You don't shy away from any new task.

Encouraging Campaigner

You awaken the full potential in others.


I take you along!

Moving Inventor

You stick to your ideas no matter how much opposition you face.

Exciting Visionary

It always seems impossible, until you've done it.

Inspiring Explorer

You don't know what lies ahead, but you want to keep going forever.


I have a goal!

Enriching Supporter

Whenever there's trouble, you throw yourself into the line of fire.

Innovating Companion

You are the builder of spaces in which solutions arise.

Moderating Protector

Through your impartiality you are valuable for all sides.

Empowering Networker

You easily connect and establish firm bonds with others.

Convincing Champion

You drive your team down the road to success.

Diversifying All-Rounder

You are not easily thrown of course.